5 Ways to Experience a Gertrude Salon

Now that you know what to expect from your first Gertrude salon, you may want to know the different types of salons we offer. There are five, to be specific. That’s five different ways to interact with and experience art. And while you can be sure that each event will live up to Gertrude’s high standards each type of event maintains its own, defining features.

1. Traditional Salon: Our first and most frequent event, the Traditional Salon offers guests the chance to view and discuss art in an intimate, personal setting.
- Led by a curator, an individual with demonstrated expertise in the subject of the event who facilitates the discussion between guests and artist
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2. Studio Visit: Studio Visits are a chance to experience the artistic, intimate ambiance of Salons against the backdrop of an artist’s working studio.
- Guests can experience the very space in which the works were created
- Allow guests to learn more about  - and perhaps even glimpse - an artist’s upcoming work
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3. Exhibit Preview & Tour: Our exhibit tours takes a small group of guests on a private tour of a museum exhibit.
- Tours are led by an expert on the work, so that guests can learn about the show from someone who truly knows the art
- Guests can bypass the long lines for a popular exhibits
For example: our upcoming Salon and brunch


4. Performance: Our performances offer guests the chance to experience art in motion, to witness a performance art piece, and even, perhaps, become a part of it.
- Guests will be led through the piece by a curator and the artist.
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5. Soiree: Some art is so great, you can’t help but celebrate. Our Soirees invite guests to enjoy some fine art while sipping a glass of Pommery champagne or enjoying a freshly cooked meal.
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What to Expect From Your First Gertrude Salon

Here at Gertrude we are trying to redefine the way we experience art. Therefore, if you’ve never attended a Salon before, you may not quite know what to expect. While the subject matter of each salon and the format may vary, there are certain features you can expect at any Gertrude Salon.

  1. A Chance to Really Experience Art: Salons aim to give guests a truly immersive experience, different from the cold world of gallery shows. It’s not a static viewing of art but a chance to really understand the work shown in the warmth of discuss and in the light of the curator’s and the artist’s own words. By the way, we borrowed the term “Salon” from a long French tradition of informal gatherings around art.

  2. Anyone can join: Because Salons facilitate learning and interacting about the artwork, they are open to all types of individuals, regardless of prior art knowledge. Salons are not merely events for those highly involved or connected in the art world but for anyone with an interest in art or who wishes to learn more about art. Our event pricing reflects this open attitude.

  3. An Intimate Event: No Gertrude Salon will exceed 40 attendees. This figure ensures that the events maintain the conversational feel that defines the Salon experience.

  4. An Interactive Event: Salons are discussions, not lectures. Because we keep our events small, attendees can both listen to and engage with the curator of the event, and most of the time the artist is present. The experience can be rewarding for anyone because such a discussionary environment allows the event to address the topics in which guests are most interested.

  5. One hour only : Each salon must abide by specific rules; besides the cap on guests, the salon lasts 1 hour and the doors close 15 minutes after the start time. We are aware of attendees’ busy schedules and design our events for individuals who are interested in art, though not necessarily immersed in it, for people who have other things to do as well.

  6. Premiere selection: But, rest assured that the time you spend at a Salon will be enriching. Our curators are hand selected for their level of expertise on the salon’s subject matter just as the location of the salon is chosen to best compliment the subject. We like to think they are today’s Gertrude Steins. Proof of the thought and knowledge that goes into creating our salons: we have worked with 4 out of “20 Young Artists to Collect,” which recently appeared in Architecture Daily.

  7. Complimentary champagne: Many of our events include a complimentary glass of Pommery Champagne. Because nothing pairs better with good art and engaging conversation than an elegant glass of champagne.

Ready to try your first Salon? Browse Salons you find interesting and book online, we’ll see you there!