That’s what Gertrude is good at: offering people visibility into what is generally a very opaque world.

Brian Feldman, in the New York Times profile about Gertrude.

Thanks Brian for being one of our all time favorite guests! We’ll see you soon at a Salon.

Kenneth & Gertrude

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The New York Times tmagazine was kind enough to profile us last Sunday.

With Pop-Up Salons, Art Is Demystified

Gertrude Stein’s Legacy Lives On in Pop-Up Art Salons”

A couple of our great curators and guests were interviewed and listed in the article, too. Also some of the partners who dared make Salons happen like the newmuseumphillipsauction and Paul Cooper Gallery.

Thanks to all of you for helping make this Salon movement happen. We’re super excited here at Gertrude about what’s to come. 



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