5 Tips for a Great Artist Studio Visit

The world of artistic creation leaves a great deal subject to interpretation. However, when it comes to studio visits, the line between the bad and the good is quite, indisputably clear.

  1. Allow your work to introduce itself: Begin your studio visit by allowing your visitors some time to look at your work without disturbance. This time will allow them to understand your art before you delve deeper into your process. It will also allow them to formulate any questions they may have regarding your work and an audience with questions will make for a more engaging, dynamic visit.

  2. Provide some background: Start your studio visit by providing a bit of background, allowing your audience to understand the origins of your artistic interest and influences. You may also want to provide some context for your work by highlighting a recent accomplishment.

  3. Be choosy: Showing too much work can easily overwhelm an audience so be selective about which works you display. LIkewise, a confusing display can undermine the actual work you are showing. Make sure your display is clean and accessible for visitors.  

  4. Let the conversation flow: Undoubtedly, no one wants to have their time wasted so be sure that the studio visit has a clear and logical organization. However, studio visits are also best when they feel personal. Don’t fear anecdotes or tangents, but know what you want to cover. Perhaps prepare a loose outline of the most relevant topics beforehand.

  5. Follow up: Studio Visits offer a great chance to not only garner new fans of your work but also to engage the enthusiasm of existing fans. Make sure to gather the contact information of your visitors, notify them when you have new work for purchase, an upcoming show, or another studio visit.

The Daily Serving recently fielded a question from an artist on how to facilitate an effective studio visit. Daily Serving offered some quality advice and inspired us to share the knowledge we’ve gained from our Salons as to what truly sets a studio visit apart. We believe these key points to be fundamental to any great studio visit.


Dear Friend of Gertrude,

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Artwork: “TV on TV” by Nobutaka Aozaki, shown at a Gertrude Salon.