#BruceHighQualityFoundation’s first show at @alminerechgallery opening 9/11, offers an allegory of the Art World itself. #BHQF #ViveLaSociale #GertrudePick http://ift.tt/1lOkjyk

#GertrudePick : “Some Artists’ Artists” @mariangoodmangallery casts some of the gallery’s favorite artists as the show’s curators. Therefore the exhibit offers a truly insider perspective on art, displaying only the artists whose peers recognize their work as original, quality art (June 26 - Aug 22). http://ift.tt/1kIRdA9

#GertrudePick : “Cruel Summer” @jonathanlevinegallery
Opening today, “Cruel Summer” gathers artists who share a common street art background to assess the state and reaching influences of street art, as it becomes an increasingly integral part of the art world today. Curated by collector, graffiti historian and urban anthropologist Roger Gastman, the exhibit takes inspiration from the summer of 1984 (when its namesake song was released) and maintains a distinctly summer vibe. (Aug 6 — 23) #shepardfairey @obeygiant #benvenom #cleonpeterson #streetart http://ift.tt/1oE56Pq

#GertrudePick : “Fixing a Hole” @koenig_clinton focuses on “fixing” as a means of mending or securing and a metal aspect of the artistic process. The simple word gives rise to a show of varied though entwined works. Be sure to see the show before it closes this Saturday! (June 12 - August 2) #PeterDreher #RomanSigner #KenPrice http://ift.tt/1qLNlB4

#gertrudepick “Hypothesis for an Exhibit” @dominiquelevygallery examines the work of Italian Conceptionalist #GiulioPaolini both in the context of his fellow 1960s era artists as well as artists today. The exhibit is also accompanied by a specially commissioned publication to further examine the influences on and impact of Paolini’s work. (July 8 - August 16) http://ift.tt/1s3VEGl

#gertrudepick Kate Ericson & Mel Ziegler, @galerieperrotin: Ericson & Ziegler’s art abandoned the few, urban cities in which American art is centralized to return to the heartland. The artists created work that examined and represented the cultural majority of Americans, often ignored by the cosmopolitan art world. And it speaks to the works’ national importance that a French gallery is exhibiting the retrospective (July 8 - August 22). #KateEricson #MelZiegler http://ift.tt/1rS3yBR

Introducing #GertrudePick - a weekly selection of our favorite shows. Starting with #MarcelDuchamp @gagosiangallery, a historic show that brings the storied avant-gardist’s work back to the place it debuted 50 years ago (June 26 - August 8). http://ift.tt/1zcXgQv

3 Shows to see before Monday

1. Kate Ericson & Mel Ziegler, Galerie Perrotin
(July 8 - August 22)
Ericson & Ziegler’s art abandoned the few, urban cities in which American art culture tends to be centralized to return to the heartland. The artists created work that aimed to examine and represent the cultural majority of Americans, often ignored by the cosmopolitan art world. It speaks to the national importance of the duo’s work that a French gallery is exhibiting the retrospective (bringing it stateside after a successful show in Paris).


(via Gallerie Perrotin)

2. Louise Lawler No Drones, Metro Pictures
(June 5 - July 25)
Through her unique artistic process, in which she traces her photographs and then prints these tracings on vinyl, Lawler manages to distill complex images and moments down to their aesthetic essence. She displays an array of scenes in egalitarian simplicity, examining what lays at the center of these moments.


(via Metro Pictures) 

3. Marcel Duchamp, Gagosian Gallery
(June 26 - August 8)
Gagosian exhibits Duchamp’s historic readymades in the same building in which they debuted half a century ago. Thus this is a truly unique show of the work of one the most renown avant-garde artists of all time.


(via Gagosian Gallery) 


Basel & 3 Shows to See This Week

1. Jean-Baptiste Bernadet Fugue, American Contemporary
(June 11 – August 9)  
The paintings presented in Fugue, the French noun meaning ‘running away’, appear inextricably connected suggesting an almost fluid continuum. Yet, each individual painting stands on it’s own as an individual exploration of Bernadet’s free design. The language of the works, not overly formalized yet not completely loose, achieve a focus for meaning while still allowing for a level of detailed level of freedom of interpretation.


(via jbbernadet.com)

2.  Israel Lund Israel Lund, David Lewis Gallery
(June 10 – July 27)
In his self-titled solo exhibition, Israel Lund’s paintings are all about making impressions of images and of a system at large. Through a series of paintings of various sizes, sculptures, and silk screens, Lund’s impressions exhibit a love of images.


(via David Lewis Gallery)

3. Sam Moyer More Weight, Rachel Uffner Gallery
(April 26 – June 22)
In her third show at the Rachel Uffner Gallery, Moyer presents a dramatically different body of work that continues to explore her interest in the ‘in-betweens’ of genre. In More Weight, she obscures the lines between drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and architecture through the diverse collection of works that make up the two-storied exhibition.


(via Rachel Uffner Gallery)

Also, this week marks the beginning of Art Basel 2014, the premier international art show for modern and contemporary works. Basel will run from June 19 – 22. If you want the complete Basel experience, you can check out our tour of the fair with an internationally renown artist, designer and architect.


3 Shows to See this Weekend

1. James Lee Byars ½ an Autobiography, momaps1
(June 15 - September 7)
PS1’s survey of Byar’s career of work, spanning the entire second floor of the museum space, not only attempts to portray the life of an artist but simultaneously confronts the actual impossibility of doing so, recognizing that it may only achieve a “½” representation of this late, great artist, whose fascinating pursuit of perfection drove him all over the world and to a spanning variety of media.


(via MoMA PS1)

2. Ken Price Large Sculpture, Matthew Marks Gallery
(May 9 - June 28)
This exhibition, the first that solely focuses on Price’s larger scale work and that includes several works that have never before been viewed publicly, offers a profound look into the lesser known side of Price’s career, beyond the smaller scale sculptures for which he became famous.

And if you want a tour of the show by an art expert, RSVP to our tour of this show and two additional Chelsea shows this weekend!

Ken Price.png

(via Matthew Marks Gallery)

3. Andrew Laumann, Jesse Hlebo, Nicholas Gottlund Demo, Signal Gallery
(May 9 - June 15)
Closing on Sunday, this collaborative show portrays the process of breakdown on differing scales - from individual error to global collapse. The works examine man’s role in the these failures of order and challenge him in his effort to regain control.


(via Signal Gallery)