#BruceHighQualityFoundation’s first show at @alminerechgallery opening 9/11, offers an allegory of the Art World itself. #BHQF #ViveLaSociale #GertrudePick http://ift.tt/1lOkjyk

#GertrudePick : “Some Artists’ Artists” @mariangoodmangallery casts some of the gallery’s favorite artists as the show’s curators. Therefore the exhibit offers a truly insider perspective on art, displaying only the artists whose peers recognize their work as original, quality art (June 26 - Aug 22). http://ift.tt/1kIRdA9

#GertrudePick : “Cruel Summer” @jonathanlevinegallery
Opening today, “Cruel Summer” gathers artists who share a common street art background to assess the state and reaching influences of street art, as it becomes an increasingly integral part of the art world today. Curated by collector, graffiti historian and urban anthropologist Roger Gastman, the exhibit takes inspiration from the summer of 1984 (when its namesake song was released) and maintains a distinctly summer vibe. (Aug 6 — 23) #shepardfairey @obeygiant #benvenom #cleonpeterson #streetart http://ift.tt/1oE56Pq

A peek inside our #GertrudeSalon Wednesday with #ArtistsAtudios http://ift.tt/1tDY5Sb

#GertrudePick : “Fixing a Hole” @koenig_clinton focuses on “fixing” as a means of mending or securing and a metal aspect of the artistic process. The simple word gives rise to a show of varied though entwined works. Be sure to see the show before it closes this Saturday! (June 12 - August 2) #PeterDreher #RomanSigner #KenPrice http://ift.tt/1qLNlB4

#gertrudepick “Hypothesis for an Exhibit” @dominiquelevygallery examines the work of Italian Conceptionalist #GiulioPaolini both in the context of his fellow 1960s era artists as well as artists today. The exhibit is also accompanied by a specially commissioned publication to further examine the influences on and impact of Paolini’s work. (July 8 - August 16) http://ift.tt/1s3VEGl

#gertrudepick Kate Ericson & Mel Ziegler, @galerieperrotin: Ericson & Ziegler’s art abandoned the few, urban cities in which American art is centralized to return to the heartland. The artists created work that examined and represented the cultural majority of Americans, often ignored by the cosmopolitan art world. And it speaks to the works’ national importance that a French gallery is exhibiting the retrospective (July 8 - August 22). #KateEricson #MelZiegler http://ift.tt/1rS3yBR

Introducing #GertrudePick - a weekly selection of our favorite shows. Starting with #MarcelDuchamp @gagosiangallery, a historic show that brings the storied avant-gardist’s work back to the place it debuted 50 years ago (June 26 - August 8). http://ift.tt/1zcXgQv

3 Must See Art Shows In NYC This Week

1. Jason Loebs Cold Flow Creep, Essex Street
(May 4 - June 29)
Heat: an intensely felt physical phenomena yet almost impossible to artistically articulate. But Loebs manages to convey this elusive sensation in his new series at Essex Street gallery, which focuses on the experience and significance of heat.


(Via Essex Street)

2. Sterling Ruby Sunrise Sunset, Hauser & Wirth
(May 9 - July 25)
Ruby’s work has already made a name for the young artist in its ability to transverse boundaries of influence. Through an incredible variety of media, Ruby infuses the presence of sub-cultural phenomena to compose highly complicated, layered works. His new solo exhibition at Hauser & Wirth includes a major amount of the artist’s works, providing sincere insight into his career and creative process.

Sterling .jpg

(Via Hauser & Wirth)

3. Camille Henrot The Restless Earth, newmuseum
(May 7 - June 29)
After her first US showing at our Salon with her last year, the French artist returns to the States for her museum debut. The exhibition showcases Henrot’s work, much of which is highly anthropological in its attempt to collect remnants of human behavior and culture.

Camille Henrot.jpg

(Via The New Museum)


Also keep an eye out for Cory Arcangel’s pop up store at the Holiday Inn Soho, where he will be selling his Arcangel Surfware: everything you need to work from your bed.


Closed Doors Tour of “Chris Burden: Extreme Measures”
Last chance curator-led tour at the new museum

Friday, January 10 / 6:00pm to 7:00pm / Bowery

The New Museum is honored to present “Chris Burden: Extreme Measures,” the first New York survey of the artist and his first major exhibition in the US in over twenty-five years. An expansive presentation of Burden’s work, “Extreme Measures” was touted as “one of the most highly anticipated of the fall” by the New York Times and “beautifully articulates the evolving continuity of one of the most profound careers in contemporary American art” by the Los Angeles Times.

Burden’s epoch-defining work has made him one of the most important American artists to emerge since 1970. Spanning a forty-year career and moving across mediums, “Extreme Measures” presents a selection of Burden’s work focused on weights and measures, boundaries and constraints, where physical and moral limits are called into question.  

Occupying all five floors of the Museum, “Extreme Measures” offers an extraordinary opportunity to examine the ways in which Burden has continuously investigated the breaking point of materials, institutions, and even himself. The exhibition also features an ambitious installation on the exterior of the Museum.

Join Assistant Curator, Margot Norton, who worked on the exhibition in conjunction with Lisa Phillips, Toby Devan Lewis Director, and Massimiliano Gioni, Associate Director and Director of Exhibitions, for an exclusive, private tour of “Extreme Measures” while the Museum is closed to the public.