We’re live outside of NYC!

As we had mentioned a few days ago, we’ve been working on opening up Gertrude to talented curators all over the world.

It’s now a reality, and we are live in:

- Mexico City, our first Salon with curator Karen Huber is on June 25th 

- Los Angeles, our first Salon with Lori Lamont is on June 19th

- London, our first Salon with Phillip Michael Wolson is on July 1st.

If you live in Mexico City, Los Angeles or London, we hope you can make it and you will love the experience.

We thrilled here at Gertrude to see the Salon movement going global. We have many more Salons to come and we’ll continue to make improvements to our site - including better tools for curators to host great events and better ways for guests to be involved.

Interested in hosting you own event in your city? We would love to hear from you (curate@gertrude.co ).

Kenneth, Gertrude and team.

June 9, 2014 1 Share this