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Gaelle is a French-born, New York-based contemporary art curator and studio director of artist Prune Nourry’s studio. She’s also one of our all-time favorite curators here at Gertrude, and guests love her (she has an average guest rating of 5/5 on her 4 past Salons!) . At her Salons, Gaelle shares access to the privacy of an artist’s studio, allowing for better comprehension of the artists’ purpose.

What do you think about the format of Gertrude Salons? The unique format of the Gertrude salons lies in the fact that the audience has the opportunity to actually ask questions to the artist directly. The curator helps guide  and open up the discussion when some may feel intimidated or not always know where to begin the conversation. In order to really understand the process of an artist, there is nothing better than to hear and see it directly from the inside.

Past Salon: Prune Nourry Studio Visit


Gaelle talks as artist Prune Nourry and guests look on during Prune’s studio visit.

Can you tell us a little about Prune? Prune is an artist I have known for years and have had the joy of working closely with for 2.5 years. I am constantly surprised by her intelligence, avant garde ideas and determination. She is not 30, yet she has the mind of an empress conquering the world with a noble cause.

She reflects upon gender preference in China with her latest project Terracotta Daughters. Appropriating the familiar symbol of China’s Terracotta Soldiers, Nourry created an army of 108 life-size Terracotta Daughters a symbol for the unborn girls.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to host their own Salon? Make sure it is a subject you feel passionate about. Know it well so you can go deeper than what anyone could easily find online. Try to make the audience feel comfortable enough to join in the conversation and make it an enriching experience to all. Everyone, the curator and the artist included, should walk out having learned something new. The discussion should feed new inspirations.

What people are saying about Gaelle’s Salons:

“Really enjoyed studio visit: -even more intimate -deeper insight into artist process and work setting.most salons/galleries/museums would only display finished work. Seeing intermediary elements (molds etc.) gave better understanding of how final pieces are created.”
          - Jeff A.

“5 stars for my first event with Gertrude. I spent a whole hour inside an artist’s head, an unforgettable experience. Gaelle, the curator, was a perfect host. she made the connection incredibly quickly between the artist and the audience.”
          -Matt V.

Gaelle’s Past Salons
Daniel Horowitz Studio Visit
Oliver Jeffers’ Studio Visit
Kyia Kim and Chong Gon Byun Studio Visit

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Prune Nourry’s ongoing and upcoming projects
- Collective show - Girls, curated by Pharrell Williams at Galerie Perrotin, Paris - Opening May 27th
- Collective show - La Part Animale, curated by Tatyana Franck at Galerie Sophie Sheidecker, Paris - Opening May 27th
- Solo show - Terracotta Daughters, curated by Tatyana Franck, Flux Laboratory, Zurich - Opening June 13th

Want to host your own Salon? Start here.

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