Gertrude Stories: Karen Huber

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Karen is an independent contemporary art curator in Mexico City with a background in photography and painting. Her cosmopolitan and sophisticated vision has led to the innovative way she conceptualizes and implements group and individual exhibitions. Her current curatorial project is called WHITE SPIDER.

What do you think of the Mexico City art scene? Mexico City is a very inspiring city. Every year I see so many projects emerging from different directions with different points of views. From galleries, museums, and collections, to more independent and experimental projects. There are so many talented artists coming from all over the world to share their experience. Some say it’s the “New Berlin”.

Do you think that it is expanding globally? Yes! The market here is growing; everything in art is moving very fast. With Mexico’s cultural and historical heritage, I find it to be an extremely attractive, creative and inspiring place to foreigners. Both it’s past and present are very interesting to people all over the world.

It doesn’t feel local anymore, living here its starting to feel like were an international art community from all over the world making links from outside to here…so watch out world!

Salon:  Álvaro Castillo: ‘Conversaciones Rurales’ Led Tour & Conversation
Karen hosted a Salon in Mexico City with an artist she greatly believes in. It was a three part Salon that began with a short talk with the artist, Álvaro Castillo, a led tour of the exhibition, and a discussion between the artist, gallerist, and guests. The Salon was followed by some wine and tapas to celebrate the evening.

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The artist Álvaro Castillo speaks about the concept of his exhibition during the Salon.

Why do you think Álvaro Castillo is an important artist to know about? As a painter I find him very challenging and his work is so organic with lots of investigation and contextual background around it. He belongs to one of the most respected galleries in Mexico. As a person, he is charming character with many transcending ideas. I think he is an important element in his generation of artists.

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Karen’s Upcoming Projects:
- Upcoming WHITE SPIDER curatorial project
- September, October, and December: Karen is producing and curating two solos shows and residences for Adriana Minoliti (painting, digital intervention and installation, Argentina); Daniel Horowitz (collage, painting, installation - Brooklyn, NY) and a collective show with artists living in Mexico
- August: Solo show in the gallery Art Space Mexico. Karen will present recent works by Felix D’ Eon
- In September, with Adriana Minoliti’s exhibition, Karen will present her own show (which is currently untitled) 
- Karen will be hosting more Gertrude Salons in August, September, October, November, and December, so watch out for those!
- In November, WHITE SPIDER will present a new concept of an art auction called PIG ME

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