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Over the past week, we have worked with curators on Salons in London, Mexico City and Los Angeles. We have received questions from curators all over the world - we summed them up on our new support center where you will find answers to questions from “How do I start a Salon?” to “What makes a great Salon post?”. We’re also introducing our first Gertrude Story, highlighting stories of curators setting up their Salon.

1. Support Center
A comprehensive resource designed in response to your questions. 



We have been listening to your questions and have launched a brand new Support Center to answer them as completely as possible. This newly added resource compiles our FAQ, example Salon posts, tutorial videos, media kit, and Curator Guidebook. If you have any further questions you can always contact us at support@gertrude.co.

2. Gertrude Stories
A new series on our blog will introduce the curators behind our events. 


We will now be featuring Gertrude Stories periodically on our blog. These posts are short interviews with our curators all over the world. They give readers a fuller and more personal perspective of our Salons, the individuals that organize them and the art scene in the cities where they take place.


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June 26, 2014 0
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