As you know by now, Gertrude is on a mission to connect people directly with artists at intimate events all over the world.

We have seen the movement grow dramatically ever since our humble beginnings on December 2nd 2012, thanks to the unconditional support of our community. We made a promise a few months ago that we will not rest until the art world feels more like a Salon, and we intend to keep it.

After starting the movement in New York City, holding some 60 Salons and garnering over 10,000 subscribed guests, we are excited to announce that Gertrude is officially going international.

Starting today, we are opening up our platform, accepting submissions from curators all over the world. We’re making our website more accessible than ever before. We’ll follow up with more on this soon for those of you who are interested in becoming a curator.

We’ll monitor the community’s feedback very closely (especially the guest rating for each Salon) to ensure that guests can find quality curators who they can trust to provide enriching and educational art experiences.

Don’t forget to sign up on your city’s page so you can get notified when the first Salons happen in your city. We can’t wait to see the Salon movement go global, and we know you do too.



May 30, 2014 2
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