Inside Stein’s home and venue for her Salons at 27 Rue de Fleurus.

Today, our namesake, the writer, art collector and visionary would have been 140 years old. In her time, Gertrude Stein overcame prejudices against her gender, religion and sexuality to become one of the most influential figures in art, building a legendary personal art collection.

From her home in Paris, the American expatriate gathered some of the greatest minds of the modernist movement at her weekly salons, including Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Henri Matisse, or F. Scott Fitzgerald. These salons facilitated a community of visionaries that eventually changed the shape of art as we know it today. They continue to inspire us here at Gertrude.

2014 will be Gertrude’s year once more. Our team resurfaced the Salon in New York City on December 2nd 2012, and we have been seeing the movement grow dramatically ever since thanks to your unconditional support. This year, we extend to other cities, add new forms of events and access with relentless focus on quality. We will not rest until the art world feels more like a Salon.

Happy 140th birthday, Gertrude.

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