Harold Ancart, Anaconda Standard, exhibition view, 
courtesy of the artist and C L E A R I N G, New York, Brussels.


Harold Ancart

Anaconda Standard

Harold Ancart’s newest solo show with C L E A R I N G, Anaconda Standard, explores the romanticism between the natural and the manufactured, the idealised and the devastated; through subtle contradictions, entropy is delicately presented to the viewer.  

Thick oil stick works hang on the wall, and through the minimal base, vibrant, romantic shards of colour cut through, creating a passionate duality. Idyllic images and scenes are also displayed, but their picturesque quality is challenged, and also enhanced, by delicately applied burns. These works are accompanied by a thick, immersive burning jungle wallpaper that fluently defies the white cube.

With powerful colours, images and objects, Ancart aims to trigger the instincts of the viewer and then reverse their assumed comfort and understanding. Ancart includes two of his sculptures in the show as well that similarly, but in the third dimension, explore simple, relatable materials, (concrete and metal). The way they are presented is intriguing and evokes past activity, utilitarianism and something almost tribal.

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