3 Must See Shows

Art shows you can’t miss this week in New York. We pick only three. Via the ArtList blog


Highligh: Albert Oehlen at New Museum

1. Albert Oehlen @ New Museum
June 10 — September 13


(New Museum)

In the first New York museum exhibition of Oehlen’s work, New Museum offers an expansive view of the painter’s multitudinous oeuvre. The survey presents Ohlens works by subject matter — rather than chronologically — so that viewers can fully grasp his ongoing engagement with the contrasts between interior and exterior, nature and fabrication. From his early self-portraits to his later computer paintings and switch paintings, the exhibition showcases the versatility and growth that have characterized Oehlen’s rise to become one of the major names in contemporary art.

On veiw at: 235 Bowery, New York, NY

2. Passing Leap @ Hauser & Wirth
25 June — 31 July


Claudia Wieser, Untitled, 2015 (Hauser & Wirth)

Hauser & Wirth take the name for their latest exhibition from a trapeze trick in which the aerialist flips her body through the air. The maneuver seems to suspend both time and gravity while flipping the acrobat’s personal perspective. The artists featured in this group exhibition seek a similar overturning of perspective through their work, specifically the perspective through which we view artworks and their environments. The works from artists such as Sebastian Black, Dave McDermott, Sara VanDerBeek and Claudia Wieser, prompt the viewer to question the certainty of their own spatial, cultural and worldly perspectives.

On view at 32 East 69th Street, New York, NY

3. RE(a)D @ Nathalie Karg Gallery
May 10 — July3


(Nathalie Karg)

As a tribute to curator Bob Nickas and his 1986 RED exhibitions, Nathalie Karg’s newest show examines the role that similarity plays between pieces and as inspiration for curation. With artwork from artists such as Richard Pettibone, Ray Johnson and Kay Rosen, the exhibition presents a show that makes the viewer keenly aware of both the relationships between similar works and how those works differ to create their own, distinguished identities. The show imparts awareness not only of the artworks but also of the process of curation that forms how we interact with art.

On view at: 291 Grand Street, New York, NY

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