Basel VIP Preview: 5 standout artworks

What we saw there, and also found on Instagram (via the ArtList blog)

Aside from the best gallery booths, we noticed a few fantastic, individual works that are definitely highlights of the VIP Preview.

David Kordansky Gallery showed a breathtaking painting by Harold Ancart. The gallery just started representing the artist.


Find corresponding work by Harold Ancart on Artlist.

Kordansky also featured a painting by Mary Weatherford (shown below). Others works in the booth included Jon Pestoni and Jonas Wood.


Find corresponding work by Jon Pestoni on ArtList.

Almine Rech had a great example of Jean-Baptiste Bernadet’s Fugue series.


Find corresponding work by Jean Baptiste Bernadet’s Fugue series on ArtList.

Ugo Rondinone’s (diverse) work was shown at Eva Presenhuber, Esther Schipper, Sadie Coles and Barbara Gladstone Gallery.


Find corresponding work by Ugo Rondinone on ArtList.

Pace Gallery included two Adrian Ghenie paintings in their Basel selection, including The Stigmata for $575,000.


The Stigmata, 2010 (Pace Gallery)

Find a collage by Andrian Ghenie on ArtList.

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