Margo Wolowiec

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Of the many different art media, few may seem as age-old as “tapestry,” a form perhaps most strongly associated with medieval ages and unicorns.

Margo Wolowiec is changing that.

Those Sounds at that Place, 2014 (Courtesy of Anat Ebgi)

Within this historic medium, Wolowiec combines ancient Navaho and Bauhaus techniques with abstracted, social-media sourced images to create works that are both firmly rooted in the present and transcendently timeless.

In expressing this unique combination of past and present, Wolowiec maintains incredible control over her color palette, hand-dying each thread as she weaves. Her soft, dark colors affect a plush, inviting texture, playing off of the dynamic textural quality that is unique to woven works.

A closer look at a Woloweic piece (Courtesy of Patternbank)

Wolowiec’s works often examine the ideas of error and perfectionism within art. Her recent exhibition,

Corrections and Exposures

, at Lisa Cooley in New York depicted the grandeur America’s Western landscapes, adorned with judgmental marks one would expect to see on a rejected darkroom contact sheet.

Becoming West Northwest, 2015 (Courtesy of Lisa Cooley)

The presentation of such landscapes, blurred and softened by her weaving and adorned with seemingly critical marks, distances the viewer from the image presented. She questions the extent to which one can “correct” an object within the process of artistic creation.

Thus,Wolowiec’s weavings ask us to not only see the landscape presented but to judge it as well.

Wolowiec has also had solo shows at Anat Ebgi in Los Angeles, Johansson Projects in Oakland and Playspace Projects in San Francisco. She was also included in the recent three artist show Le Mer Insomniaque at Laura Bartlett Gallery in London. She lives and works in Brooklyn.

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