‘Working on My Novel’ is a new book by #coryarcangel composed entirely of tweets from people claiming to be “working on my novel.” http://ift.tt/1ntsyu2

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#GertrudePick : “Cruel Summer” @jonathanlevinegallery
Opening today, “Cruel Summer” gathers artists who share a common street art background to assess the state and reaching influences of street art, as it becomes an increasingly integral part of the art world today. Curated by collector, graffiti historian and urban anthropologist Roger Gastman, the exhibit takes inspiration from the summer of 1984 (when its namesake song was released) and maintains a distinctly summer vibe. (Aug 6 — 23) #shepardfairey @obeygiant #benvenom #cleonpeterson #streetart http://ift.tt/1oE56Pq

A peek inside our #GertrudeSalon Wednesday with #ArtistsAtudios http://ift.tt/1tDY5Sb

Just think this is 🆒: @juddfoundation participating in #marfa dialogues this Saturday with a lecture entitled #donaldjudd , Ranches and Land Conservation. #instaart http://ift.tt/1s7KlwM

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#GertrudePick : “Fixing a Hole” @koenig_clinton focuses on “fixing” as a means of mending or securing and a metal aspect of the artistic process. The simple word gives rise to a show of varied though entwined works. Be sure to see the show before it closes this Saturday! (June 12 - August 2) #PeterDreher #RomanSigner #KenPrice http://ift.tt/1qLNlB4

#gertrudepick “Hypothesis for an Exhibit” @dominiquelevygallery examines the work of Italian Conceptionalist #GiulioPaolini both in the context of his fellow 1960s era artists as well as artists today. The exhibit is also accompanied by a specially commissioned publication to further examine the influences on and impact of Paolini’s work. (July 8 - August 16) http://ift.tt/1s3VEGl

@alexisrael #alexisrael showing a perfectly square framed Franck Stella at @foryourart ‘a conference on @Instagram and artists. #instaart http://ift.tt/WMleEL

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Some more #camillehenrot at @kunsthalcharlottenborg. #instaart #regram @victorp4y4r3s http://ift.tt/1tjTEeZ

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🍉 #camillehenrot , on view @kunstcharlottenborg #instaart http://ift.tt/1xqxxBi

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#gertrudepick Kate Ericson & Mel Ziegler, @galerieperrotin: Ericson & Ziegler’s art abandoned the few, urban cities in which American art is centralized to return to the heartland. The artists created work that examined and represented the cultural majority of Americans, often ignored by the cosmopolitan art world. And it speaks to the works’ national importance that a French gallery is exhibiting the retrospective (July 8 - August 22). #KateEricson #MelZiegler http://ift.tt/1rS3yBR