Nir Hod

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Nir Hod is a man of many talents.

The Israeli-born and trained artist began as a poet and photographer before creating sculptures and, ultimately, the hyper-realist paintings for which he is most renown.

Through all media, Hod seeks to question the stability of identity, highlighting our own personal confusions before our very eyes.


Hod in his studio (Interview Magazine) 

Hod’s work questions our ideas of personal authenticity, blending seemingly incompatible ideas of self-identity and questioning the fixity of others. He proposes that we can be embody multiple identities at one time, sometimes even serving as both his own male and female models for a painting.

His 2011 solo exhibition at Paul Kasmin Gallery synthesized Hod’s investigation of personal identification in a series of paintings and sculptures of paradoxical children: part child, part adult, trapped within the cross-sections of social categorization.


Petrus, 2008 (Courtesy of Paul Kasmin Gallery)

Hod portrays his ironic children as affluent and sophisticated individuals, implementing the opulent, excessive aesthetic that defines Hod’s hyper-realism.Hod also uses these children to examine the ideas of wealth and privilege, concepts that can be seen throughout the artist’s work.

“I wanted to take the expressions of the really sophisticated. People always have something very bitter in their face because they have always been very spoiled. When you are too sophisticated, you almost separate yourself from society because people don’t understand you…You become lonely because people are afraid of you.”
 — Nir Hod (Interview Magaizine)

Thus, privilege itself exemplifies the themes Hod looks to explore; that at any one time we are conflicted in our own identity; between male and female, sophisticated and lonely, life and death.

Hod is based in New York City. His work has been the subject of exhibitions for over two decades, including a survey exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and solo shows at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York, Alon Segev Gallery in Tel Aviv and the Davide Gallo Gallery in Berlin.

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Margo Wolowiec

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Of the many different art media, few may seem as age-old as “tapestry,” a form perhaps most strongly associated with medieval ages and unicorns.

Margo Wolowiec is changing that.

Those Sounds at that Place, 2014 (Courtesy of Anat Ebgi)

Within this historic medium, Wolowiec combines ancient Navaho and Bauhaus techniques with abstracted, social-media sourced images to create works that are both firmly rooted in the present and transcendently timeless.

In expressing this unique combination of past and present, Wolowiec maintains incredible control over her color palette, hand-dying each thread as she weaves. Her soft, dark colors affect a plush, inviting texture, playing off of the dynamic textural quality that is unique to woven works.

A closer look at a Woloweic piece (Courtesy of Patternbank)

Wolowiec’s works often examine the ideas of error and perfectionism within art. Her recent exhibition,

Corrections and Exposures

, at Lisa Cooley in New York depicted the grandeur America’s Western landscapes, adorned with judgmental marks one would expect to see on a rejected darkroom contact sheet.

Becoming West Northwest, 2015 (Courtesy of Lisa Cooley)

The presentation of such landscapes, blurred and softened by her weaving and adorned with seemingly critical marks, distances the viewer from the image presented. She questions the extent to which one can “correct” an object within the process of artistic creation.

Thus,Wolowiec’s weavings ask us to not only see the landscape presented but to judge it as well.

Wolowiec has also had solo shows at Anat Ebgi in Los Angeles, Johansson Projects in Oakland and Playspace Projects in San Francisco. She was also included in the recent three artist show Le Mer Insomniaque at Laura Bartlett Gallery in London. She lives and works in Brooklyn.

You can acquire a Margo Wolowiec tapestry now at

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À tout à l'heure !



As a member of the Gertrude community, you are part of a movement to make the art world feel more like a Salon. We have met you at hundreds of Salons across 3 continents that allowed collectors and contemporary art lovers to learn, discuss and collect the work of incredible artists.

We now want to make the experience better. For the upcoming months, we will focus on building the next version of Gertrude and stop hosting Salons. We are excited to return soon with new Salons and an improved guest experience.

During that time, you will be able to continue to collect the work of high caliber artists on our latest venture: ArtList, an online marketplace for private art sales that’s fast, secure and fair.

Thank you for being a part of the Gertrude community and à tres bientôt!

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Getting ready for this week’s #NewYork #Salon with #AngeloBellobono, whose work examines the geographical and cultural connections between America and Morocco. RSVP: #salons #meetart #instaart

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Only 4 more tickets to our clandestine dinner and discussion with artist #MichaelaSpiegel this Thursday in #Paris! RSVP: #salons #instaart #meetart

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Getting ready for our #Paris #salon this Thursday - secretive dinner, drinks and discussion with artist #MichaelaSpiegel. RSVP: #salons #instaart #meetart

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