3 Must See Shows

1. Pierre Soulages, Dominique Lévy
(April 24 - June 27)
Soulages’ solo show presents the chance to survey the career of a 94-year old master. With a career spanning almost a century, Soulages has created a body of work that investigates the intersection of lightness and blackness and has become the one of the most internationally recognized living French artists.


(via Dominique Lévy)

2. Oscar Murillo A Mercantile Novel, David Zwirner
(April 24 - June 14)
This is not just a single piece of art, not just an installation. In installing a fully functioning candy factory in Zwirner’s space, Murillo is facilitating the creation of an independent organization beyond the realm of art. Murillo’s partnership with a candy company based in his Colombian hometown and his project to track the candy’s exchanges between individuals speaks to our shared sense of cultural heritage and irrevocable interconnectedness.


(via David Zwirner)

3. Emilie Clark Everything Drawings, Morgan Lehman
(April 17 - May 17)
It is no easy task to capture the essence of all things natural. But Clark’s watercolor and graphite paintings approach this essence in a lovely, striking manner, both illustrating the intense complexity of nature and man’s ultimate inability to control or organize it.

Clark II.jpg
(via Morgan Lehman)  

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Buying Contemporary & Modern Prints at Auction
A salon led by phillips’ editions specialist

Monday, April 21 / 7:00pm to 8:00pm / Midtown

Buying Contemporary & Modern Prints at Auction

Blockbuster headlines might skew your impression of who buys art at auctions, but you don’t need to be a millionaire to build a great collection. Much of the art offered at auction is more accessible that you think. From Richard Serra to Keith Haring, original prints and editions are an affordable way to can give your collection art-historical value and blue-chip cache.

In this salon, directors Kelly Troester and Cary Leibowitz, who specialize in contemporary and modern editions, will walk you through Phillips’s upcoming Editions sale, offering an insider’s take on what to look for, what to watch out for, and how much to spend.

For the new collector, it will provide an understanding of what gives editioned works their value — knowing when a Basquiat is a better buy than a Bacon. For the more seasoned collector, it will be an opportunity to learn from the experts about being a savvy buyer and developing an eye for spotting blue-chip gems.

Cary Leibowitz

A renowned expert in the field of contemporary printmaking and multiples, Cary specializes in Pop Art and contemporary works produced in editions. Cary is a passionate collector and an artist himself whose collection, artwork and expertise have been cited in Art + Auction, Art on Paper, Sunday New York Times Design magazine, World of Interiors and Casa de Arbitare. He is a regular speaker on the subject of collecting and contemporary editions for museum and gallery groups. In 2008, Cary helped establish the Editions department at Phillips, where he and Kelly specialize in contemporary and modern prints and multiples.

Kelly Troester

Kelly began her career in 1988 at Butterfield & Butterfield in Los Angeles where she became a print specialist and head of the department by the mid-1990s. She was a member of the Graphic Arts Council at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and served on the board of the Grunwald Center for Graphic Arts at The Hammer Museum. In 1998, Kelly moved to New York City to take a position as a senior specialist in the Print department at Christie’s and became the head of the department in 2001. In 2008, Kelly helped establish the Editions department at Phillips, where she and Cary specialize in contemporary and modern prints and multiples.

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3 Must See Shows

We’ve rounded up 3 of the hottest shows opening this week for you. And already looking ahead to next week, don’t forget to check out our Salon on Monday with Phillips auction house

1. Peter DreherKoenig & Clinton
(April 17 - May 24)
Dreher used 1 glass and 4 decades to create nearly 5,000 paintings, a meditative body of work that looks to examine what one can discover about a basic object in incredible repetition. Dreher committed to painting the same glass in the same setting repeatedly to rebel against the art world’s need for innovation, to simply meditate on a given object. Glasses.jpg

2. Jackie Saccoccio, Eleven Rivington
(April 17 - May 18)
Intensely bright and intriguingly layered, Saccoccio’s paintings make themselves known. Her treatment of texture to affect layers is innovative while the work’s acidically colorful nature allow the paintings to stand out for themselves. Saccoccio.jpg

(via Eleven Rivington)

3. Chez Perv, Team Gallery
(April 17 - June 1)
This collaborative show between artists and friends Gardar Einarsson, Matias Falbakken and Oscar Tuzon examines the trio’s shared fascination with industrial and architectural forms and materials. The work also seeks to discern the negative effects such urban politics can have. Chez Perv.jpg

(via Team Gallery)


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3 Must See Shows

1. Collier Schorr 8 Women, 303 Gallery
(February 27 - April 12)
8 women overturns the traditional male gaze, employing women as both the viewer and object viewed. The camaraderie that this role assignment affects adds a degree of unique engagement to the perspective of Schorr’s photos. Schorr.jpg
(via 303 Gallery)

2. Urs Fischer, Gagosian Gallery
(April 3 - May 8)
Fischer takes over both the Gagosian’s conventional space and a new pop-up space on the Lower East Side with his two part exhibition, which includes cast versions of Fisher’s most popular recent sculptures. The survey showcases Fischer’s distinct sculptural style, transcending strict delineation in its sketch-like approach to clay. Gagosian.jpg
(via Gagosian Gallery).

3. Matthias Bitzer Saturnine Swing, Marianne Boesky Gallery
(March 27 - April 26)
Marianne Boesky’s spaces have become immersive artistic experiences with Bitzer’s works, spanning an array of media. Visitors venture into the mind of the artist as they enter this “multi-layered realm that addresses the issues activated by our comprehension of reality.” Matthias.jpg
(via Marianne Boesky Gallery)

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3 Must See Shows

1. Ghada Amer Rainbow Girls, Cheim & Read
(April 3 - May 10)
Amer uses all aspects of her woven, canvas works to sew together a complete perspective of femininity, and society’s treatment of it. Her works - created with a historically domestic, feminine process - depict women in sexulaized, pornographic situations, juxtaposing different aspects of womanhood to question society’s objectification of the feminine.

Ghada Amer.jpg

(via Cheim & Read)

2. Kenneth Noland, Pace Gallery
(March 21 - April 19)
This solo exhibition offers a deep look into the storied career of the late, great painter, whose work has been displayed at major museums throughout the world. Noland’s engaging works paintings examine color and shape relationships and the effect they can have on viewers.

, 2003. acrylic on canvas, 42-3/4" x 57" (108.6 cm x 144.8 cm).

(via Pace Gallery)

3. The Real Estate Show, James Fuentes
(April 4 - 27)
35 years ago a collective of NY artists staged a protest of exorbitant, discriminatory real estate prices in a city owned building . While the show was shortly shut down, James Fuentes has recreated it with many of the original artists in their gallery space - near the original exhibition site. The show fuses social and historical consciousnesses in an engaging artistic setting.

Real Estate.jpg

(via Becky Howland)

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3 Must See Shows

1. Pieter Vermeersch, Team Gallery
(March 30 - April 27)

Vermeersch’s paintings provide a meditative study in color. The smooth transition of shade and pigment in his pieces makes them both serene and accessible while the perfected nature of these shifts affects an intriguing, digital-like quality.

Pieter Vermeersch.jpg

(via Team Gallery)

2. Cater Beside Myself, Lisa Cooley
(March 23 - April 27)

Carter wants to define the self - a deeply complex yet omnipresent concept - and attempts to do so in an engaging use of media including his vaguely cubist paintings, attempting to simultaneously discern the individual from multiple perspectives, and a short video starring James Franco and Catherine Keerner.


(via Lisa Cooley)

3. Jay Batle Between Meals, Bleecker Street Arts Club
(February 27 - March 30)

Eating: both necessary and enjoyable, one of the defining routines of our daily life. In his show closing this week, Batle defines time in reference to meals we eat and looks at what we do in the space between them. He examines food’s influence on our lives outside of mealtimes.


(via Bleecker Street Arts Group)

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3 Must See Shows

1. Chuck Close Nudes, Pace Gallery
(February 28 - March 29)
Pace’s Nudes provides visitors with a profound and informed view into the work of the renowned Close, most known for his signature portraiture style and who continues to work after suffering severe paralysis in 1988. The show examines Close’s career-long survey of the naked form through various artistic media.


2. Jasper Johns Regrets, MoMA
(March 15 - September 1)
Johns departs from the iconic motifs that first earned him such acclaim in the late 1950s to develop a series of paintings inspired by a photograph of fellow painter Lucian Freud. The theme allows for the development of a deeply layered, reflective show.


3. Freidrich Kunath The Temptation To Exist (May Contain Nuts), Andrea Rosen Gallery
(March 15 - April 26)

Kunath playfully jumps between the realm of the real and imagined in his fourth solo exhibition. With a constant sense of humor, he manages to demonstrate an equal and intriguing absurdity in both while entertaining his audience.


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3 Must See Shows

1. Korakrit Arunanondchai, MoMA PS1
(March 9 - May 25)

Arunanondchai has quickly become one of the hottest new artists on the market, and the importance of this show - a mix of the wide variety of media in which the Thai artist works - marks an important step in solidifying his career. The show offers an incredibly personal look at Arunanondchai, who has included multiple members of his family, reflections on his native Thai culture and a video recounting his recent rise to popularity.

MoMA PS1.jpg

(via MoMA PS1)

2. Harold Ancart, Mateo López & Kevin Beasley, Casey Kaplan
(February 27 - April 26)

Kaplan’s new show places the work of the three artists in a provocative conversation with one another. The show houses an astonishing variety of media, including: drawing, painting, animation, audio works, photography, performance art and more. Thus the show proves to be uniquely engaging, approaching art from many different angles. 


(via Casey Kaplan Gallery)

3. Whitney Biennial 2014, Whitney Museum
(March 7 - May 25)

It’s back. This year’s biennial looks to include a range of perspectives, recruiting a New York-based, a Chicago-based and a Philadelphia-based curator to each oversee one floor of the show. The famed show is not only one of varying viewpoints but will also be the last biennial to take place at the Whitney’s current location, as the museum will move downtown in spring 2015.


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3 Must See Shows

1. Khar Pidda - A Tribute, Flash Art NY Desk
(March 4 - April 5)

Flash Art NY Desk has organized a special tribute to Frank Stella’s 1970s series of paintings “Indian Birds,” focusing on “Khar Pidda” (pictured below). The show sheds new, provoking light into Stella’s process and mars the first every show for Flash Art in the space they share with Balice Hertling.


(via Flash Art NY Desk)

2. Jordan Wolfson, David Zwirner
(March 6 - April 19)

This solo show displays a variety of Wolfson’s well known work along with a brand new animatronic sculpture by the artist. Although Wolfson has explored a variety of mediums throughout his successful career, this sculpture is a first for the thought-provoking artist.


(via David Zwirner)

3. Tameka Norris & Mark Jenkins, Lombard Freid Projects
(March 7 - April 13)

This is a show of several firsts. While both Norris and Jenkins have made names for themselves as cutting-edge, contemporary artists, neither has ever before been featured at Lombard Freid. This show also marks the inauguration of Freid’s space, which suffered great damage during Hurricane Sandy.


(via Lombard Freid)

Also be sure to visit the annual Armory Show, this week March 6 - 9.

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3 Must See Shows

1. Florian Pumhösl, Miguel Abreu Gallery
(March 2 - April 27)

Pumhösl’s solo exhibtion not only explores the true meaning of signs but also opens Miguel Abreu Gallery’s new location in the Lower East Side. This inaugural show picks apart familiar symbols, such as letters or maps, to overcome assigned meaning and examine the design inherent in a symbol’s shape.

2. Erwin Wurm, Lehmann Maupin
(February 28 - April 19)

Wurm challenges his viewers to see the human form, their own form, in a different way. He breaks up the body by inserting unexpected materials and questions humanity by placing familiar yet nonhuman objects in human positions. He pushes his viewers to see that shape they know best in a new light.

Erwin Wurm.jpg

3. Ethan Cook, American Contemporary
(February 27 - April 2)

Cook’s works are imperfect, and he likes them that way. In a time obsessed with the pursuit of perfection, Cook doesn’t mind that you can see where his (hand-woven) canvases have been stretched or reworked. He embraces imperfection to give his work a new and unusual dimension.


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